Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reading #1

I actually enjoyed the reading quite a bit. There was a decent amount of thought provoking parts and I especially liked all the photography and history. I was moved by the story of Emmet Till and how his mother made the decision to have an open casket at his funeral as an example of the horrific actions and hatred that was occurring in our country. 
I thought that another interesting point in this section was when they did the composites of the "beauties" in the 50's and 80's and how different the faces were. Beauty seems to evolve and take on different forms but there are still key features that tend to stay the same such as full lips and symmetry of the face. 
Surprised and excited by how the class discussion progressed and how deep we were able to dig into the reading I am looking forward to what else this quarter will bring. :) 


  1. I enjoyed the photography, too, Chelsea. I dug deeper and looked up more works from Weegee and Robert Frank yesterday...great stuff!

  2. It's good you're enjoying the textbook! I'm pretty excited to navigate through this class as well. Having a background as a studio artist-student made me kind of apprehensive to have this class, but taking a step away from the art making process and looking at the power that creating images has is good.
    People attach meaning to images regardless of the producer's intent so I guess as artists it's good for us to have a better understanding of our power, which leads to a stronger control of our images' impressions. Huh? That sounds just like responsibility! Ha!