Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exhibition in a Box

For my Exhibition in a Box I have chosen to make up my own character/artist.
She is a normal mid-century housewife who has a secret passion for painting. 
She is forced to keep her talent and passion "underground" in order to maintain her housewife persona because she is scared of being scrutinized. 
She fears her family will not support her love for art.
So she paints for years without notice, not even her husband or children know.
Years later after she (Olive is her name) dies her children begin to go through her things and discover a hidden dresser drawer FULL of painting supplies, small works, a journal, and a letter to whom ever found her secret passion. 
As they continue through her room they find many more clues to who their mother truly was and what talent she possessed. 
I want to display the dresser drawer, perhaps just the drawer but maybe the entire dresser. I have some ideas on what will be in the dresser and also other items found around the room like a normal mirror that actually isn't a mirror at all, its a palette for paint that she hid in her room. And paint brushes that she displayed like makeup brushes. I plan on writing in a journal to make it look authentic.
Instead of having my exhibition in a normal setting where the paintings are displayed on the walls, I want to leave it as close as I can to how she left it. 
Private, and secret is the key to this show. I want the audience to feel as if THEY are the first ones to find Olive's secret drawer. 
Lots of ideas. Hopefully this is will work out! 

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