Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tee Shirt Project...

Since the beginning of this project I have struggled with which icons or symbols I wanted to change and use. I first started using the peace sign and came up with a design that had an airplane at the center creating the three pronged shape in the middle but found that to be very offensive and decided against it. I worked on a couple designs having to do with grenades and war, as well as the christmas tree in relation to money. In the end I decided to alter the handicap symbol because I have seen a serious trend of people literally handicapping themselves with the way that they eat and treat their own bodies. I first thought about having the McDonald's sign somehow incorporated but decided that I wanted this design to be as minimal as possible. The first image is of the traditional handicap symbol and on the back side of the shirt I have made the character chubby, and implied the motion of eating with the blob of "food" just between his mouth and hand. I think that the subtle change is good because its just enough to get someone to look twice and perhaps have to think about it for a moment before moving on. I would ideally love to have some witty text or something but I think that for this project it works and is visually interesting. (my guy kind of reminds me of Homer Simpson haha) Enjoy! 

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