Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reading 307-328

There was some confusion on the syllabus so instead of doing the quiz here is my blog response. 
I thought that this section of reading was really thought provoking. I had always heard the term postmodern and never actually grasped what it meant. After reading this section I finally feel as if I understand the basic "principles" of what a postmodern thinker is, even though putting it into a set of principles is basically the opposite of what it actually means. I think that the one thing that I got the most out of this section, especially after the discussion that we had in class, is seeing the links between generations and how they view the world. I kept thinking about how DIFFERENT my views on everything are compared to my parents and grandparents, and then I realized how my family are all a bunch of modern thinkers, living with a set of rules or guidelines to living life,  they are extremely religious and choose to follow a narrative as it mentions in the book. This way of thinking about life contrasts with how I view the world in every way. I am always open for new experiences, for learning and growing, for questioning the norms of our society, and never claiming to know something that I don't. It was interesting to read about the clashing between modern and postmodern artists over time and how there is this constant tension between them, but depressing all at the same time. I consider myself a postmodern thinker but I dont want to be in constant struggle with my family. Instead of keeping this "beef" with those who mean the most to me, I want to continue on the way I choose to live but also accept the way my family has too. Hmm sorry if this is a little more personal then most blogs but thats what I was thinking while reading this text. I'd really like to understand neo-liberalism better and hopefully we will be learning more about that in the future. 

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